About the WCF
The Winter Cycling Federation is a network of individuals, organizations and municipalities that advocate better conditions for cycling and an 澳洲幸运10直播开奖视频 that is accessible and comfortable regardless of the weather.
    What we do
    We host the chillest cycling conference on the planet. From Moscow to Oulu, from Winnipeg to Minneapolis, we connect winter cities with ideas that work.
    International Winter Bike To Work Day, which is organised on the second Friday in February, is a globally celebrated holiday for commuting on bicycles.
    Sharing ideas since 2013.
    Winter Cycling in Media
    How to bike safely through the dark winter months
    Buy lights, wear reflective clothing and pay attention to your tires while riding in the cold, experts say
    When talking about bicycle infrastructure in Canada, the number one excuse I hear is "winter." Many Canadians see the cold and snow as a fundamental barrier to year round cycling. But one city, Oulu in Finland, with winter weather worse than most 澳洲幸运10-下载手机新版直播体彩网 cities, shows that winter cycling has nothing to do with the weather, and everything to do with safe cycling infrastructure.
    Progressive policies help get people on their bike, even in below-freezing conditions.
    To keep pandemic-prompted cycling rates high through the winter, we need to think beyond the bike lane snowplow and start centering the needs of women and gender-variant riders, a recent panel of experts argued.
    The temperature, even at 9.30am, is -13C, and light snow is falling on the already white-blanketed playground. But dozens of primary-age children are out, and doing something you might not expect in such conditions: riding bikes.
    Oulu in Finland and Winnipeg in Canada are two winter cities with remarkably different stories. Oulu is just like Winnipeg – except for the bike paths stretching for miles in every direction and the thousands of people riding bicycles in the snow – says Winter Bike to Work Day founder Anders Swanson.
    Frigid temperatures in Calgary this week may have most Calgarians shivering in their 免费下载官网最新开奖软件-澳洲幸运10开奖结果查询官网-记录开奖历史视频, but the arctic blast couldn't have come at a more fitting time for the 2019 Winter Cycling Congress.
    The frozen streets of the Twin Cities will play host next week to an international gathering on winter bicycling. The Winter Cycling Congress is expected to draw hundreds of engineers, policy makers and bicycling enthusiasts to Minneapolis and St. Paul starting on Tuesday. This is the first time the annual gathering has been held in the United States.
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