Winter Cycling Congress

We host the, ahem, chillest cycling conference on the planet. From Oulu to Edmonton, we connect winter cities with ideas that work.

Host the Congress in your city

The first Winter Cycling Congress in 2013 was a "jump into the deep end" type of project of a highly motivated individual (Timo Perälä) who knew his city could inspire people around the globe. With little startup funding but a lot of drive, the event in Oulu, Finland turned out to be a huge success. More than 150 delegates from 12 different countries participated in the first ever Winter Cycling Congress. Many of them expressed a desire to attend another one in the following year and all of them took home inspirations which changed conversations all over the planet.

After the first one in Oulu, the international Winter Cycling Congress began to move to a different city all over the world each year, namely: Winnipeg, Canada; Leeuwarden, Netherlands; Minneapolis, USA; Montreal, Canada; Calgary, Canada; Moscow, Russia; and Joensuu, Finland. After a pandemic-induced hiatus and a foray into a digital gathering, the next one (as of May 2023) is going to be in Edmonton, Canada in February 2024!

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