London Sniper – Jonathan Lee

June twenty-third.  Alan Turing’s birthday.  The day of the Global Conference of Artificial Intelligence Researchers. On June twenty-third, Sakura always sends me a message.  Saku’s perhaps the most technologically-oriented person I know, but for some reason she never sends a normal vmail or a holovid.  Consistently, seven years and counting, she sends me an actual … Continue reading London Sniper – Jonathan Lee

Kiran Maypole – Ghazal for Night

Long faded is the delicate orange-and-pink-lined light, Restored is the inky black shade of refined light.   Endless ebony ceiling stretching above Marred by stars, pinpricks of confined light.   Below is dormant, thoroughfares empty, windows dark, Awaiting the hues of the sun’s return, to find light.   Arrival of midnight signals the shift from … Continue reading Kiran Maypole – Ghazal for Night